Travel Chronicles-Puerto Rico

Day 1.

Spent the morning ambling through the streets of old San Juan. Stopped at the very famous La Bombonera to have breakfast. Instantly liked the bustling desi “tiffin” center feel. For some inexplicable reason, declined to have coffee!! Ordered omelette and sandwiches and wondered if the cafe deserves all the praise for seemingly pedestrian food. Received a complimentary pastry that was warm, buttery and topped with powdered sugar. Left the place impressed with the pastry and decided to return again before leaving. Made our way to Forts San Felipe Del Morro and San Cristobal, cooling off with Piraguas. Visited the Bacardi distillery in the evening and went back to the hotel, high and happy over an unanticipated free tour of the facility, free cocktails and a shot. Say aye if like me, you too think “free” sounds much more gratifying than “complimentary”

Day 2.

Spent most part of the day hiking in the El Yunque rain forest. Finished the hike with lunch in a shack and kick ass Pina Colada which also happens to be the national drink of Puerto Rico. Finished the day with dinner and Mojitos at the restaurant Mojito’s.

Day 3.

Made an impromptu change of plan and did not go to Arecibo observatory. Hopped beaches, played, tanned and came back to the city craving vegetarian food that was not beans or fried plantain. Broke the resolve of not eating in chain restaurants or non-Puerto Rican food by wolfing down a footlong veggie delight sub each.

Day 4

Went back to La Bombonera to check out the pastries and coffee this time after hearing a lot about Puerto Rican Coffee. Learned that the pastry we were given previously is called Mallorca. Felt absolutely elated at being served coffee from a drum with a tap. Ate four different types of pastries and bought some to take home. Were given the boxed pastries for free…yet again. Shopped for coffee, rum and souvenirs that had miniature bacardi bottles with straw hats and went back home….smug


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