The Perfect Cake

Don’t get misled by the title, for this post is not about having baked that perfect cake. It is yet another chronicle in my attempt to bake one.

Now, what is a perfect cake you will ask. Simply put, it must have the visual appeal of Hugh Jackman and when eaten, must make you feel like you just ran into George Clooney. With such steep requirements, I am sure this blog will see many such attempts, though I must say that paperseed’s chocolate cake recipe was near perfect in the George Clooney department.

Now that the standards have been established, let me get back to the cake. I was gifted The Cake Bible by someone who has shown great trust in my abilities time and again. I wasted no time in getting my hands floured. The attempt: a Bittersweet Royale Tort that will be made to look like the cake on the book’s cover. While the original cake on the cover is a two layer All American Chocolate Butter Cake, the lack of sweet enthusiasts prompted me to make the All American Chocolate Tort instead.

Another glitch came in the form of chocolate plastic. The recipe uses gelatin, something I could not use. I decided to make a chocolate band instead.

The Recipe is certainly not the best around. The cake was very plain and even ended up a little dry by the time I served it. Definitely not a cake worthy of the Valrhona. The Callebaut Couverture blew my mind though. I have never seen my ganache shine like that. My hands need more deftness with the chocolate leaves and the band, as the picture suggests. And just as I was thinking that I bake decent cakes, this attempt humbled me.

The Actual Bittersweet Royale Tort from the book


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