Messy Business

I have been reading a lot about Britain these days, for no particular reason. One morning, after having spent the whole of breakfast reading about the country’s various affairs, I knew I had to use up the strawberries and cream in my fridge for the very British Eton Mess (If you don’t know me well by now, please understand that all roads lead to dessert). It was quite a coincidence that I baked meringue cookies for the first time the previous evening from Joy of Baking.

I am glad I made those divine disks. I have a new found love for all things meringue right now. While the recipe is quite straightforward, my disks did not harden or come straight off the parchment as shown in the video in spite of baking them for over 2 hours. The trick, per me is to just turn off the oven after an hour and a half and then dry the disks in an airtight container. Also, my disks were not as pristine white as Ms.Jaworski’s.

Coming back to Eton Mess, it is a dish that is eaten at Eton’s annual cricket game against Winchester. The dish is served by mixing pieces of meringue cookie with strawberries and whipped cream. I spiked mine by making a sweet red wine reduction. I loved the dessert. It is very light when eaten and makes you want more. A fascinator was all I missed when eating it.


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