I Scream Ice Cream!

This was supposed to be one long post on the Indian restaurants that abound the tri-state area. But then, ice creams always beg a digression. I have had many a guilt inducing scoop of ice cream over the past few months. Here are three ice cream experiences that  pop.

Main Street Sweets- 35 Main Street, Tarrytown ($): This is that charming, small town ice cream shop that sells home made ice cream. Like all charming little small town shops, the ice cream is amazing and the brownies, bad ass. The Tarrytown special and cupcake flavors are to die for. Enough gushing. Do visit this charming, intimate small town shop if you happen to be in this area. Cash only.

Emack and Bolio’s- 73 West Houston Street, New York, NY ($$): Now this one, is a chain. Albeit a four states only small chain. The choice is overwhelming not just for the ice creams but also for the cones. Should it be a fruity flavor in a chocolate and marshmallow cone or is it going to be a nutty ice cream with a nutty cone. The resultant white pistachio nut ice cream in an almond cone more than made up for the stress of choosing. A neat $7 for a scoop of ice cream and speciality cone. Pricey treat this one.

Lighthouse Ice Cream Kompany- 127 W Main Street, Tarrytown ($): Swanky new joint right by the Tarrytown MTA station. Their USP is fresh ingredients and ice cream made in small batches. Needless to say, awesome ice cream. Grab a cone and sit outside watching the fountain. Or better still, take a walk along the Hudson river as you slurp. Perfection. Give the coffee a miss though. Not worth the few extra calories.


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