The Bombay Club($$$)- Washington DC

Yet another Indian restaurant. This time, in the capital. The Clintons are huge fans of this place they say. It has some good reviews as well. So off we went to see what the fuss was all about.

The decor is a tad confusing. Neither completely contemporary, nor vintage. A mix of both with a piano thrown in…. Underwhelming. Coming to the food, it is not a place for vegetarians. Period. The selection of non-vegetarian dishes is far more exotic. Vegetarians will get the very routine dal makhni, bhindi masala, gobi mutter and the likes. We skipped the appetizers and ordered Bhindi Masala, Vegetable Biryani, Truffle Naan and Roti. The Bhindi Masala was meh. The Biryani was flavorful but the rice was overcooked. We did not quite approve of the addition of broccoli to the Biryani. The truffle naan was the second high point of our meal. While the idea was great as was the naan, pairing it with something as simple as a raita shadowed the taste of truffle. The first high point, literally and otherwise was the Cochin Dream cocktail. Like a desi version of the mojito with enough punch to get a weary tourist high. And finally, the dessert. We ordered the Rabri. A Rabri, per me must reflect the labor that went into its preparation. Hours of simmering milk, the right amount of sweet. A hint of cardamom and screw pine. Done. This Rabri was made out of condensed milk. Fail!

The Verdict- This restaurant may work out better for non-vegetarians. Stay away if you are a vegetarian. It is not worth the money.


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