Ohri’s Tansen- Hyderabad

Now, where should I begin? When I reminisce about their food, the ambience distracts me. When I think about the ambience, the food screams for attention. I will start with the ambience nonetheless. Understated grandeur is what I will call it. Now, it is very easy to go overboard with a Mughal theme. There can me ornate furniture upholstered in dark velvet, huge chandeliers and lots of color. And then there is Tansen. White and ivory with hints of gold thrown in. There is tall bronze lotuses in a pond and a stream of water and white filigree columns. Done. My only regret is that I did not go here for dinner for the water’s edge would have made this place look prettier in the evening. Here is some pictures (that someone else took):


Now coming to the food. We ordered the chaat sampler very well aware that a chaat’s soul belongs in the street. Kokum Thandai, Mint Cooler and Lime Soda were the drinks du jour. The three chaats were served on a beautiful three tiered stand. Sev Puri, Dahi Puri and and Raj Kachori. The chaat was good, but was missing the street element. The drinks were perfect though. The Kokum Thandai was the best. I think the addition of chopped green chillies added to the taste. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, the main courses made me so very happy. Now theirs is a very different and imaginative menu. Not the usual pannier tikka masala and dal makhni but a curry that has of all things, Rasgullas! My dining partners were not very adventurous so we gave the Rasgulla curry a miss and ordered Ratlami Bhindi and Papad Mungodi Pyaaz ki Subzi. Malwa and Marwari specialities respectively. I couldn’t decipher the okra but the other dish was lentil fritters( mungodi) and papads cooked in an earthy tomato onion gravy. Scrumptious but a tad oily.

The dessert choices were equally exciting. Do save room for those. In hindsight, we should have gotten the sampler but opted for a Kulfi with candied pistachios and berry compote. The taste was spot on, but it was a little too hard to tackle with the spoons. Not too disappointed though.

The Verdict- Have at least one meal here. Period!


Image Link- http://flickrhivemind.net/Tags/ohris/Interesting


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