Woorijip ($)- NYC

I love Korean food. As much as someone who always orders Bibimbap (Dol Sot or otherwise) without beef should. As much as someone who refuses to probe into the piscine antecedents of Kimchi and Doenjang Jigae should. Now that the syntax has been established, let us move on to Woorijip.

Woorijip is a tiny hole-in-the wall Korea Town establishment. The food is good. But that is not the main draw for me. I would go here a couple more times at least for the variety they offer. Now, they have a buffet for which you pay by the pound. And then, they also have a gazillion other things like Korean maki rolls, stews and soups, bibimbap, fried rice etc. All of them pre made, neatly packed, labeled and marked with a hard to miss, green “V” for the vegetarian dishes. There are 3 microwave ovens in the store, should you buy something packaged and want to heat it up there. And then, there is also a Ramen stand where they serve 7 different  varieties, made to order. And then there are a lot of Korean drinks both alcoholic and virgin.

On my visit, I had the pre made bibimbap and some Banchan from the buffet stand. A Kale and sesame salad, coagulated mung paste dish, few pieces of brown rice Korean roll, spicy bean sprouts, Kimchi and Chap Chae were the Banchan I picked. What I did not pick was the eggless leek pancakes, egg rolls, mung paste stew, fried roll, buckwheat noodles and about 10 other things that I don’t remember. My meal costed a mere $7. That makes it the cheapest, tastiest and enough to get you comatose meal in the whole of NYC. Works for me!

The Final Verdict- Go when you crave Korean food, go when you need a hot bowl of ramen, go if you have a high tolerance for crowded hole-in the wall eateries. Just go, at least once.


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