Monsieur Singh Lassi Bar ($)- Mount Kisco

In a small little town named Mount Kisco, there is a cutesy little shop called the Little Spice Bazaar. In the Little Spice Bazaar, a loud, lassi drinking, mustache smacking Punjabi gentleman has adopted the oh so delicate ways of the French. He goes by the name Monsieur Singh and sells lassi that is endorsed daily by a billion Indians. There is a phone booth in the store should you decide on calling a random Indian to verify his claims.





Their casual exaggeration aside, the Lassi is very good. The flavors are a far cry from regular lassi as well. We had the Mousson Mango, Rose Je T’aime and Magique Almond. The first was a mango and mint mix, the second was rose and kewra (aka screw pine) and the third was plain almond. Absolutely delicious and just $3 for 12 ounces. They also do Chaat btw, and should you want to proceed to dinner after Chaat and Lassi the Little Kebab Station next door will be worth a try. Do let me know how that goes for you. I haven’t been there yet.

The Little Spice Bazaar deserves a mention too. It is cute and all. They sell spices by the ounce in little vials and stock up their shelves with some Indian kitchen staples. But it is strictly for non Indians. Too impractical for the likes of us who use up a vial of any masala in two days. I will buy their loose tea one of these days though (they sell that too), they look interesting.



The Final Verdict- This random Indian endorses their Lassi.

P.S. Do visit their Facebook Page. They now sell Lassi pops in the city. Can’t wait to try those.


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