One For the Cupcake

“Coffee makes it possible to get out of bed. Cupcakes make it worthwhile.”
~ Unknown Author”

Here is a post for the most celebrated dessert of our times- the Cupcake. Cupcakes are everywhere and it is very difficult to put a finger on the perfect cupcake. For me, the perfect Cupcake is a thing of great balance where a moist and fluffy cake is topped with frosting that is not too heavy and sweet. Finding that perfect little treat in this big city is no mean feat. There is probably a gazillion cupcakes I must eat before finding the one. Here is my low down on the cupcakes I have eaten so far.

Baked By Melissa ($$)- What is better than a Cupcake? A miniature that leaves enough room to try 5 or 6 flavors at once. I like the concept but not the Cupcake. Here is why- The cake tastes like it came out of Stop and Shop and the frosting is a tad heavy. You will also end up paying $1 for a bite-sized cake. So not worth it.

Molly’s Cupcakes ($)- I have tried them in both Chicago and NYC. My verdict remains the same for both locations. Their cake is dense. The last cupcake I had was a little raw. Their frosting tastes good though and they do have a lot of variety. But did they deserve to win Cupcake Wars? Not too sure.

Sprinkles ($)- Have eaten these just once. What I ate, I liked. Need to try them again for a firmer opinion.

Magnolia Bakery ($)- This is my favorite cupcake so far. Moist, light and just the right amount of sweet. Move away from the chocolate. Try the hummingbird and pistachio cupcakes instead.

What I would like to try next: Butter Lane Cupcakes and Sweet Revenge

P.S. Do you know how Cupcakes got their name? Read here to know why.



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