The Epic Indian Food Post- Westchester County Part-I

How long has this post been lounging in my drafts……about time I brought it to fruition.

Weschester county has quite a few Indian restaurants strewn about it. Almost all of the restaurants that we’ve been to were recommended by friends. We have had our fair share of hits and misses and the husband and I have differences in opinion when it comes to assigning the numero uno spot. Nonetheless, here is my two cents on where your next Indian meal in this area should be and where it should not:

1. Little Kebab Station ($)– Mount Kisco: I have a soft spot for Monseiur Singh Lassi Bar. No two ways about it. If I set aside my infatuation for a while, I do understand that their lassis are cleverly done and packaged. Decoding the flavors is a no-brainer and while the lassis taste very good, nothing exquisite about them. But I keep going back for more and that is how hopelessly infatuated I am. It is with this woozy headed high school girl like excitement that I had my first meal at the Little Kebab Station. I wanted to like it just as much as I liked Monseiur Singh and I have not been disappointed.

The food is your usual Punjabi fare with some diversity in the form of Madras Curry, Vindaloo, Biryani and Kati Rolls. There is samosas and chai, tikka masala and naan and then of course, there are Kebabs. Vegetarians, you get to pick from Paneer Tikka and Zucchini Tofu Kebabs.

Their food has been consistently good every time (four times, to be precise). Soft naan, flavorful curry (the best in Westchester county), perfect kebabs and good dessert make this place a winner for me. They also also have the tea for two option that includes a pot of tea and dessert skewers which means that you can make it a chai samosa gulab jamun visit.  What makes it even better is the price. You can fill yourself up with delicious lunch for a little under $10 (incl. tax).

The Final Verdict- What makes this place a winner for me is not just the food but also the charm it has.My only gripe with this place is that the plates are too small for the amount of food they hold. I had a tough time tackling my kebab during the last visit and I hope that gets fixed. Also, be prepared that the space is very small. It is the Little Kebab Station quite literally.


Up next on spot 2, Masala Kraft Cafe in Hartsdale



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