The Epic Indian Food Post-WC II

Masala Kraft Cafe ($$)-Hartsdale:

“And so the plan began and the goal was set… to create a new-age cafe, blending the exotic experience of authentic Indian delicacies such as tasty toasted sandwiches, dosas and samosas in the comfort, convenience and ambiance of a contemporary setting.”

That is what this little cafe sets out to accomplish. Now, does it hit the bulls eye? not really and here is why. A couple visits is all it takes for even the most easy to please person to gather that the hits are hits and the misses are misses every single time. Once you know what to get and stick to a routine, you will not be disappointed. The shining stars of their menu are sandwiches, snacks and their signature dishes. To have a very good meal here, all you need to do is order multiple ‘snacks’. The sandwiches are very good as is the channa bhatura and kulcha. I would recommend staying away from the dosas and falafel. The desserts can be skipped.




The Final Verdict: If you find yourself craving some Indian snacks on a cold evening, head here as they serve the best chaat in Westchester County. If chili cheese toast can make your evening, head here. For everything else, go to 28th and Lexington in NYC.

Up Next: Malabar Hill in Elmsford, Ambadi in White Plains and Swagat in Tarrytown


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