Comfort Food

Time for some humble food that kicks ass. 

Roasted Red Pepper Dal:

a) 1 large red pepper coarsely chopped

b) 1.5 cups of moong dal pressure cooked

c) A teeny bit of tamarind

d) A pinch of turmeric powder

e) A teaspoon each of mustard, cumin and coriander seeds, a dash of hing, some dried red chillies and curry leaves

f) Olive oil/ ghee for tempering

Step 1- Roast the red pepper in the oven at 450F for about 20 mins 

Step 2- Heat the oil and add all the ingredients listed in e). Sauté until the mustard seeds splutter

Step 3- Add the roasted red pepper pieces

Step 4- Add cooked dal, turmeric powder, tamarind and salt. Let the dal simmer for about five minutes

Step 5- Check if all the seasonings appeal to you. Serve hot with rice or rotisImageImage



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