Little Crepe Street ($)- Pardon My French

ImageMount Kisco gets yet another gem. The Little Crepe Street along with Monsieur Singh, Little Kebab Station and La Tulipe makes me want to relocate to Mt. Kisco. Oh, why can I not walk into one of these places as and when I pleased. Sigh…

The Little Crepe Street is owned and run by Bonnie Saran. The same person who owns Monsieur Singh and Little Kebab Station. And have I not sufficiently documented my love of her two earlier ventures. Well, I fee the same way for this one too. Maybe a little more that the other two.

To try this place, I coaxed two co-workers into accompanying me. One of them is French, the other is a non-adventurous Buffalo Wild Wings loving Boricua. Now, my French friend tells me that savory crepes cannot be called crepes, technically. They are called galettes. A very common American mistake apparently. And crepes are supposed to be thin. These were not. But those are the only two places where LCS does not quite hit the mark. Now, I don’t care if it is called a crepe or a galette for something that tastes so good. I do not care about its thickness either. For me, it all boils down to taste. And boy, these were phenomenal or what!

The choice is pretty extensive. They also threw in a chicken tikka crepe for good measure. I got the asparagus, sherried mushroom, gruyere crepe, Ms. French ordered a crimini mushroom, leek and brie crepe and our Puerto Rican ordered a proscuitto, provolone and arugula crepe. Image

They also have a good selection of dessert crepes. My Dulche De Leche was the best of the lot. The sauce was heavenly. The other dessert crepes that we tried were the Nutella banana and Bananas Foster crepe. The teensy little disappointment we had was that the Bananas Foster Crepe did not have the caramel sauce that was promised on paper.


ImageThe Final Verdict- It has only been a weeks since I ate there and I am already looking forward to my next meal. Do yourself a favor, go ASAP. Thank me later


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