Fusion 9 ($$$)- Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Before I get started on yet another restaurant review, I must acknowledge the recent hits that this blog has been getting. Whoever you are, thank you very much for reading. And I must tell you that I religiously monitor my stats… need I say more

Our restaurant visits in Hyderabad so far had been restricted to Indian food. While Chutney’s has been a staple, we did venture out (read outside the Madhapur KPHB area braving the traffic) to Barbecue Nation, Sahib Sindh Sultan and Fusion 9. Sahib Sindh Sultan was a let down, Barbecue Nation scores for the concept. What really stood in terms of food was Fusion 9 (it is also the first not entirely Indian restaurant that we tried).  Here is a quick list of pros and cons for now. I will write a more detailed review later.

The Pros: Great food!

The Cons: Plastic menu cards that look like they belong in a Yatri Niwas. A shame on this upscale establishment

Clueless waiters who cannot talk to you about the menu


Delish Potato Skins


The crowning glory of our meal, the Moroccan Paneer Steak with Lemon Couscous


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