Why Food?

At one time, this used to be a place where I poured my heart out. I don’t know when the transition to food happened. There was always this little glutton in me, but I did not think it was necessary to devote blog space to food. This blog has seen me through six years (some very intermittent). I still have the same issues now as I had when this blog was born. I am still the woman who balks at the archaic ideals that her society imposes on her, I still have my space stolen from me a lot of times and like how it was 6 years ago, I don’t have a proper career . As was the case then, my coin still has two sides to it. These six years have taught me a lot of life changing lessons and given me opportunities that most people who share my beginnings do not get. This blog’s transition to food is just an indication that I have moved on from whining about things that bother me to taking the time to appreciate and dwell on the things that actually make me happy. Yes, food (and lots of it) makes me happy. This will officially be a food and sometimes travel blog until nature decides to take my ectomorphic size 2 frame away from me.


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