Two New Ways of Using Gongura Chutney

The South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh takes immense pride in this leaf called Gongura. While the leaf can be incorporated into everyday cooking in a lot of ways, the most popular form of consumption is the Gongura Chutney. There are quite a few variations in making the chutney but the result is always a spicy, piquant paste that is more often than not laced with garlic. As appetizing as that sounds, it packs a lot of punch and the spice is not for everyone. In the fresh batch of chutney that we got from our last trip to India, the spice came from raw red chills. I am not much of a spice eater but I do enjoy the flavor. So if you end up with a chutney that is too spicy here is what you can do (I have tried both)

a) When making an omelette, whisk a spoon or two of the chutney in the egg mixture.

b) Use it to make a yogurt marinade. Mix three to four spoons of chutney with Greek yogurt. Add some salt to taste. Use it as a rub for vegetables, paneer or meat.



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