For You, Simbly Bored

Simbly Bored wants to how Gongura Chutney can be incorporated into a sandwich:

Gongura Mayo Sandwich:

Two tablespoons Gongura Chutney

1/4th cup of mayonnaise or Amul’s cheese spread

Six slices of toasted bread

One cucumber, sliced

Mix the gongura and mayo/cheese spread until well combined. You know the rest. How simble is that!

Gongura Butter:

When I was looking around for a Savory Pancake, I found a great cilantro lime butter recipe here. Do the same with butter and gongura chutney. Spread away.

Yogurt Gongura Wrap:

Mix some chutney with strained or Greek yogurt. Spread it on a roti or tortilla, fill it with veggies of your choice. Done.


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