Piece Montee vs. Croquembouche

I have been thinking of the Croquembouche or French wedding cake as it is popularly known outside of France for a while now. When I mentioned it in a conversation, my ‘joie de vivre’ French colleague was unaware of it. In France, it goes by Piece Montee (meaning ‘assembled piece’ or ‘mounted piece). My research shows that there is a small variation between the two. While the Croquembouche is simpler (relatively speaking) the Piece Montee is more flamboyant. In the Piece Montee the choux buns are usually arranged on elaborate nougatine bases to assemble a piece that stands out. While in the Croquembouche, the buns are arranged in a pyramid and bound with caramel (like I said, relatively simpler). Whatever be the name, I have taken a fancy for this dessert. Now, I haven’t eaten one before so it is one of those things that I hope I will fall in love with. More than eating it, I am itching to try my hand at making one. I foresee an entire weekend spent in making the Choux Pastry, spinning sugar and burning some finger tips. Something tells me it will be worth the time and effort. Cheer me on. Wish me luck. Last night, I was baking Choux Pastry in my dream!


A Croquembouche



Examples of Piece Montee

P.S. Not my pictures. Too lazy to link sources.


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