Kimchi Fried Rice A La H-Mart

Trivia for the day; did you know that the H in H-Mart stands for ‘Han Ah Reum’ meaning arm full of groceries (says wikipedia). I like H-Mart for the non-intimidating (read english labels and/or translations sporting) Asian grocery shopping that it offers. One of our weekday dinner staples that goes by Kimchi Fried Rice in our household is a consequence of their ready-made sauces. To make this, you will need:

2 cups of cooked white/brown rice

Half a block of tofu, pressed and cut into small cubes

Scallions, chopped

Three eggs, separated

100 grams of Mushrooms (White, Portobello or Shiitake), chopped

100 grams of broccoli, chopped

Handful of bean sprouts

H-Mart’s mixed soybean paste (tastes very similar to Kimchi. Does not contain fish sauce)



Coat the tofu pieces with the white of an egg and pan-fry. Set aside. Make an omelette with the remaining egg whites. Once done, cut it into strips. Set aside. Now, add some oil in a wok and flash-fry the scallions. After a minute or so, add the mushrooms and broccoli. Reduce heat and cook until semi-done (I like my vegetables crunchy). Add the bean sprouts, tofu and omelette strips, toss until well combined. Add the soybean paste, cook for a minute more and then add the rice. Mix until the rice is completely integrated with the sauce and veggies. Dig in!



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