Of Vegan Banana Bread and Vegetable Broth

I admire vegans, for giving up all the treats that come from milk is something I cannot do. I also look down upon vegan desserts. You never quite hit the spot without butter and eggs do you? This weekend however, I did bake something vegan for the very first time. A girl needs to be able to bake everything under the sun doesn’t she? The result was a surprisingly delicious and easy to bake banana bread, kudos to the recipe creator for sharing her triumph with the world. Now, did the texture hit the bulls eye? Not really. But for something vegan, it did very well. Please pardon my pictures, I have given my DSLR a holiday.

vegan bread

And then there was vegetable stock. Because I wanted to make a mild grape tomato and basil pomodoro-esque sauce for some ready-made swiss chard and ricotta ravioli. My stock had carrots with skins on, broccoli stems, onion peels, bell pepper core, white mushrooms, tomatoes ginger and garlic. Seasoning came from bay leaf, thyme, rosemary, pepper and salt. I approximated the quantities and followed this recipe. Simmered it for a good 2 hours. And here is the pasta, which by the way was purchased from the Tarry Market in Port Chester.



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