Out and About DUMBO

We headed to DUMBO this weekend, to take a break from our Mid-town, Chinatown, SoHo and East Village rut. Will I go back for food? Maybe not (no offense to you Grimaldi. I just find you a little too touristy). Dessert? Hell, yeah!


Food Stop 1- Calexico Taco/Burrito Cart ($)- The black bean burrito bowl and black bean taco were good. It is a good option if you are in the area and if the mile and a half long Grimaldi line is not your thing. Certainly nothing more than a convenience.


Stop-2- Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory ($$)- Had a scoop of their famous butter pecan ice-cream. Again, very good ice-cream but will not make me wish I could teleport to the store at will (my heart still lies with you La Tulipe).


Stop 3- Jacques Torres Chocolate ($$)- If Mr.Wonka were around, he would have some serious complex. Imagine a chocolate wonderland which surprisingly retains its neighborhood-store feel in spite of the publicity (try getting a to-go hot chocolate at Max Brenner on a weekend and you will know what I mean). Needless to say, you cannot eat all the treats they have to offer in just one visit.

P.S. Cinderella darling, you left your slipper here. It comes in chocolate and is filled with bonbons and they can make it look like a Loubotin if you fancy that.


Stop 4- One Girl Cookies ($)- Oh, how much do I love eateries that are bursting at the seams with character. How can you not be charmed by a place that names its cookies Lana, Danielle, Penelope etc.. And they are not all about cookies. They have Whoopie Pies, Cupcakes and Cakes. This visit was cookies only, will be back for Whoopie Pies.





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