Two Gems in Tarrytown

Coffee Labs

The first is Coffee Labs- They have a Labrador for a mascot, they claim that unattended children will be given an Espresso and a puppy, all their Baristas have a great sense of humor (one of them asked me not to photograph him because he doesn’t show up in pictures) and when I was taking a picture of the store’s exterior a cigar smoking gentleman asked me if I worked for Google and if the picture would show up on Street View. In short, exactly the kind of coffee shop where I would spend lazy afternoons. And yes, the coffee is great and I have a punch card!

Pure Mountain

This is the second- An array of olive oils and vinegars, gourmet salt and handmade pastas, everyday tastings and their best sellers in tiny bottles. I walked out of the store with their Garlic and Mushroom Olive Oil, Chipotle infused Oil and a Chilean Olive Oil called Picual. I sure will go back for more.


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