Apple Pie For The Soul

Ah! how long has it been since I baked a pie! And by baking, I mean from scratch. The get your hands all dusty with flour and wipe them off on your jammies kind. The get seduced by the smell of butter and eat a considerable amount of raw dough kind. The fall in love with dough making so much that you decide to make pot-pie for dinner the next day kind. Not the pick up a crust from the frozen foods aisle kind. Nope. And if you choose to go the ready-made crust way, you would have merely assembled a pie. Not baked it. As for the apples, I used a mixture of varieties (read all the leftovers in the refrigerator that I don’t care about enough to know their names). The instructions and recipe came from Smitten Kitchen and Joy of Baking respectively.

Apple Pie


2 thoughts on “Apple Pie For The Soul

  1. My sister-in-law served apple pie for my birthday. It was from the frozen food section, and she thawed it improperly. I blew out my birthday candle, and sliced into the pie and found … mold!

    Clearly, this was the wrong kind of baking.

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