The Cobwebs Have Been Dusted….

For a post that is being written after a gap of over two years, I had intended a different setting and a different topic. I was certain my come back post would be about Parathas, something I have been cooking a lot of over the past few days, and Phirni. Or it would be the review of that cozy wine bar where I tipsily laughed away at nothing. Or that brunch spot in a quaint little Brooklyn neighborhood. I would be typing up this post sitting at my perfectly set up desk, browsing through prettily Lightroomed pictures of a nicely plated dish or a nicely composed shot of a glass of wine. The ambiance would be inspiring. My walls would be adorned with the pop art print and NYC skyline collage that I recently picked up. My window sill would be decorated and my newly acquired Matryoshka dolls would shine in their new place. And oh, I would sip on Blaufrankisch. And, the said post would be live tomorrow. That was the perfectly laid out plan.

Instead, I am splayed on a bean bag on my living room floor. The plans I had for my perfectly set-up room haven’t quite materialized the way I wanted them to. I probably need a new DSLR, I don’t have a bed to sleep on, my art work is resting on the floor and I have locked the Matryoshka dolls away for their own safety. And forget about the wine, I need some instant Bru coffee stat. Such is the chaos.

Impatient that I am, I cannot wait for that perfect setting and that perfect post. Heck, that degree of perfection is something I run from. That, is for another day. Today, it is all about embracing chaos and declaring that my love affair with food and drink has been rekindled. Prosecco is now alive. There will be recipes and reviews. Experiments and experiences and lest we forget, there is no love sincerer than the love of food!



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